Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I would like you to know is that each Country has the right to ask for any document as the yardstick for issuing a visa,some request for more documents that others.

Meanwhile, before you make any visa application, make sure you get your documents ready, visit the website of the Visa department and get all the requirements, visit the Embassies or Visa centres and make
your enquiries in person, be there live and direct. Ask all the questions you have about the details requested in the form and fill it accordingly.

Now prepare your documents, specified coloured passport photograph(some may insist on white background), valid international passport, bank statements usually six months, Certificate of Incorporation where a Company is involved, Marriage Certificate from Registry for Married applicants traveling with their spouses, Birth Certificates from National Population Commission for children traveling with parent and any additional documents the Visa section may require.

Each Embassy has its list of requirements.

Be prompt to the Embassy NO EXCUSES for lateness.

Present your documents and/or book your appointment dates for submission of your documents.

For procuring a US visa appointment from the comfort of your bedroom or office, I have packed a report
that will take you on a step by step procedures of how to get your appointment, where how other applicants waste over N15,000 for same.

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