Tuesday, May 25, 2010


There is this desperate desire to travel out off the Country that is really
alarming, and this to say the list has cost so many people fortunes, which
they would have judiciously used to better their lives right here in Nigeria.

Nigeria has a lot of benefits, there is so much to provide for people in need
of one thing or the other.

From food, clothes, shelter, alternative power source, you name it.

If you must travel why not plan for this from 1-2years, it is never a rush
thing, it requires planning, focus, determination and passion to follow
the plan.

Do not I repeat sell your house because you want to travel, I tell you
there is no where like home, do not sell your car because you want to
travel. Well you may only if you have more than the number you really

We have to really know the difference between want an need, buy
what you really need rather than buy what you want. This is a topic
for another day.

The reason why I am taking my time to go through these is because
planning to travel would require building you personal account.

You must start somewhere, not by borrowing to travel, no build
yours. Now the information I will be giving out in this forum is not
for desperate 'I want to travel out guys' it is for those who see the
and share the 'I CAN' spirit.

Remember what ever you can conceive you can achieve, ONLY if you
want to, but if you conceive negative 'IMPOSSIBILITY' mentality
then you may never achieve what you need to achieve.

I would be giving some hints in this forum, meanwhile just take your
time to follow.

Have a lovely day,



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  1. That's absolutely correct! We sometimes think the streets out there are paved with special stones. Some of our friends just want to escape from realities, though I don't blame them but we should learn to be strong.