Tuesday, May 25, 2010


From experience I have come to realise that many people are desperate about this
'TRAVEL ABROAD'. I would like to to bring some hints your way, but I would like to
know what are the real information you require on planning your way to travel abroad
without any hitch.

I am not an Embassy official, not an immigration official, nor an Airline official but I
would be glad to give you from my practical experience on this topic.

I would be very blunt with the reality of this topic but I am sure you will learn alot
from my experience.

I know there so many people out there with better experience than I do, but I would
as much as possible give you details of what I know, and I believe this will be of great
benefits to you.

Please send all your enquiry on this topic to cover Visa processing, tickets, Airport
protocols, you name it.

Expecting to get your contribution, please email samoyintravelquest@yahoo.com

also drop a comment or question.

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