Thursday, June 10, 2010


On this segment I would like to update you on tickets, what you must know about tickets, though the list is endless I would pick them as they come.

-Very cheap tickets often come with very strict terms and conditions
so note that if you are told that LOS-Abuja ticket is N4,000, then you must look at the the conditions of the tickets. Date change may not be allowed, also Non refundable once issued or when passenger No shows.

I will give you hints on some certain terms used as we go along.

-Recently we noticed that ATMs Verve/Interswith, Etranzact transaction attracts some charges when you are about making online payment. Example if you are about paying for an N8,000 an additional charge of about N750 may be included, meanwhile if you get to print out your ticket you will have only N8000 appearing on it.

-Please buy a flexible ticket if you are not sure of your date of travel, but then I must emphasise here that those who plan ahead and program their trips save a lot of money. Imagine someone who booked early enough and paid N3000 only while a fellow who pays for a ticket a day before the trip or same day could pay over N20,000 for the same seat on the same Airline. Lets learn to program and plan ahead of time.

- Most advertised fare on Radio or TV are less $399 to London, always have it in mind that this is exclusive of Taxes. so if you add the taxes this same fare could be about $520.

-An E-tickets has a lot of advantages, the ticket is in the system, if you get to the airport without your print, you should have your six digits booking reference, with your international passport and valid visa,you will be able to board your flight.

-Ensure that your names are correctly written on your ticket, I would advise that when giving or sending a booking request to your agent/airline,please ensure you either scan and send a copy of the biodata (where you have you photo and other details) page of your passport or you take a photocopy of your passport along.

-Do not issue your ticket if your visa is not out yet, people loose money through this means, except for a few Embassies who insist confirmed ticket as a part of the application. I am very sure of US and UK Embassy, they will not ask for ticket as a part of application requirement, so issue it, then its at your own risk.

Meanwhile, I strongly recommend that you do not waste your money. Get your visa then shop for ticket, or just make a booking in preparation of the outcome of your visa application.

More updates on ticket would come later.

Any questions?please do not hesitate.


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