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Please relax as I give you the basic requirements that you need to know about acquiring the Schengen visa.

As soon as you secure your visa, you must first travel to the Schengen Country that issued you the visa, before proceeding to any other Schengen Country.

List of Schengen Countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France,Germany,Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy,Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,Malta,Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,Slovakia,Slovenia, Spain,
Sweden and Switzerland.

My advise is that you will be able to process the visa by yourself remember my usual D-I-Y policy.

Gather a the courage and save cost. But if you insist on getting an advise then get from the right source, that is the Visa Centres or Inquiry section of the Embassy only.

Now first of all get the following: - Valid International Passport
- Coloured passport photograph(white
background) Write your full names
and sign at the back of it.
- Confirmed Hotel reservation or
Invitation Letter from France
- Confirmed Return Tickets
- Six Months Bank Statements
- Letter of Introduction/Sponsor
Letter from Company
- Business Card
- Three Clear photocopies of your
passport data page
- Also clear photocopies of previous
Schengen Visas, UK, US, Canada
and Japan Visas.
- Original Documents and clear
photocopies of documents
- If traveling as a Couple, include
Marriage certificate
- If traveling with Children you must
include Birth Certificate from
National Population Commission

- Adult applicants visa fee is
N11,630.00 and the Service
charge(Vat Incl.) is N5,625.00.
- Children visa fee is N6,780.00 plus
service charge as above.

Visa Fee and service charge to be paid at Bank Implant inside VFS centre.
Kindly carry the applicant's 1st page Passport photocopy while paying the service fee and the visa fee at the bank

The above fee is non-refundable and non transferable.

After the payment you will be given the dates of Interview(do not pay anybody to get interview date), report at the Embassy of France on appointment date for Interview and biometric.

Application in Lagos is made at VFS centres.

The interview time will be scheduled at VFS centre only.

Please I would again strongly advise that you apply for this visa Personally

For forms and full details please go to this link

For VFS visa centre location in Lagos pls go to this link

Hope this information is helpful?




I would like you to know is that each Country has the right to ask for any document as the yardstick for issuing a visa,some request for more documents that others.

Meanwhile, before you make any visa application, make sure you get your documents ready, visit the website of the Visa department and get all the requirements, visit the Embassies or Visa centres and make
your enquiries in person, be there live and direct. Ask all the questions you have about the details requested in the form and fill it accordingly.

Now prepare your documents, specified coloured passport photograph(some may insist on white background), valid international passport, bank statements usually six months, Certificate of Incorporation where a Company is involved, Marriage Certificate from Registry for Married applicants traveling with their spouses, Birth Certificates from National Population Commission for children traveling with parent and any additional documents the Visa section may require.

Each Embassy has its list of requirements.

Be prompt to the Embassy NO EXCUSES for lateness.

Present your documents and/or book your appointment dates for submission of your documents.

For procuring a US visa appointment from the comfort of your bedroom or office, I have packed a report
that will take you on a step by step procedures of how to get your appointment, where how other applicants waste over N15,000 for same.

Please do not hesitate to be in touch,




This happens to be the most vital part of Travel Globally as I look into VISA, the only permit to enter a Country.

What you must know about Visa. This is one of the most important part of traveling outside the shores of the Country.

A visa is a stamp or form placed in your passport when you enter, and sometimes when you leave, a foreign country. A form of permission for a non-citizen to travel to, enter, transit or remain in a particular country. Always remember not to exceed the validity of your visa as this will create big time problem for you in the future.

YOU MUST REMEMBER: A visa does not guarantee entry. That remains the right of the immigration officials of the country concerned.

This appears unbelievable but you must have that at the back of your mind, as it is very TRUE.

-Some countries may ask visitors to present return tickets and evidence of means to cover intended stay.

-Some countries refuse entry to visitors who do not comply with their requirements regarding general appearance and clothing.

-Some countries have compulsory currency exchange regulations on first entry.

Some Embassies are specific about the ink of the biro you will use in filling the Application forms, some insist that it must be a coloured photograph white background, please adhere to these instructions.

Be Confident, bold, calm and composed. Attend your interview and leave the result to God. Don't be desperate, just be optimistic of a positive result.

-Some Visas are issued at the point of entry into the Country and in such cases you must hold a return ticket.

More updates coming shortly.

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I am a promoter of DO-IT-YOURSELF procedures, with your documents in place you will spend less than N10,000 for your visa fees

Usually you will present the following documents:Letter of Introduction, Hotel Reservation or Letter of Invitation and biodata page of your International passport.

You will be given a date to come and pick the documents with your appointment dates inserted on documents.

You now report to the Embassy on the appointment date with all the other supportive documents (as listed in previous post) and visa fees to submit your documents during which you will be interviewed and given a receipt of payment. Remember that you may be asked questions about yourself, and possibly based on the documents you provide.

You will be given a date for the collection of your passport, and depending on your circumstances some first time travellers and virgin passport holders would usually pay a repatriation fee which would be refunded on your return.

Otherwise if the Consular is satisfied with your application would glad to issue you a valid either 3months or 1year visa. Most first time travellers are given 3months visa.

Please contact the Embassy for details on student visa.

More updates on other visa applications coming soon!

Any more questions on this?

Then you are welcome!




You will need to get all your documents together,

- Coloured Photograph white background
- Application form filled in black ink
- Letter of Introduction
- Confirmed hotel reservation or letter of Invitation
- Six months bank statements
- Photocopy of the Bio data page of passport.
- If sponsored by a Company please include photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation
- If traveling with spouse please include Marriage Certificate from The Registry
- If traveling with children please include photocopy of Birth Certificate from National Population Commission

Step by step procedures of getting visa follows shortly.



If you have the desire to witness the World cup tournament in SA,
have you secured your visa? cheapest ticket?and you hotel

NOW is the time or you may never get a better offer.

If bye now you dont have any of these ready for your trip then
I guess you really dont wish to witness this Global event.

Start NOW and you will be glad you did.



From experience I have come to realise that many people are desperate about this
'TRAVEL ABROAD'. I would like to to bring some hints your way, but I would like to
know what are the real information you require on planning your way to travel abroad
without any hitch.

I am not an Embassy official, not an immigration official, nor an Airline official but I
would be glad to give you from my practical experience on this topic.

I would be very blunt with the reality of this topic but I am sure you will learn alot
from my experience.

I know there so many people out there with better experience than I do, but I would
as much as possible give you details of what I know, and I believe this will be of great
benefits to you.

Please send all your enquiry on this topic to cover Visa processing, tickets, Airport
protocols, you name it.

Expecting to get your contribution, please email

also drop a comment or question.


There is this desperate desire to travel out off the Country that is really
alarming, and this to say the list has cost so many people fortunes, which
they would have judiciously used to better their lives right here in Nigeria.

Nigeria has a lot of benefits, there is so much to provide for people in need
of one thing or the other.

From food, clothes, shelter, alternative power source, you name it.

If you must travel why not plan for this from 1-2years, it is never a rush
thing, it requires planning, focus, determination and passion to follow
the plan.

Do not I repeat sell your house because you want to travel, I tell you
there is no where like home, do not sell your car because you want to
travel. Well you may only if you have more than the number you really

We have to really know the difference between want an need, buy
what you really need rather than buy what you want. This is a topic
for another day.

The reason why I am taking my time to go through these is because
planning to travel would require building you personal account.

You must start somewhere, not by borrowing to travel, no build
yours. Now the information I will be giving out in this forum is not
for desperate 'I want to travel out guys' it is for those who see the
and share the 'I CAN' spirit.

Remember what ever you can conceive you can achieve, ONLY if you
want to, but if you conceive negative 'IMPOSSIBILITY' mentality
then you may never achieve what you need to achieve.

I would be giving some hints in this forum, meanwhile just take your
time to follow.

Have a lovely day,




Today I will be enumerating the basics steps to arrange your travel abroad,

You will need to have the following:

- Valid International Passport not expiring in the next three to six months

- Visa to the Country you intend to visit

- Funds that will keep you during yours stay

- Other documents supporting your stay like Hotel reservations, letter of invitation, admission letter, etc

- You work ID or National (country ID) could be helpful

Now I will stop here to start with how to Acquire these items in preparation for your trip.

First of all you MUST have an International passport if you wish to travel out of your Home Country
by Air/Sea/Land.

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Website follow the procedures and get all documents as requested
the link is

Get your passport photograph ready as you process.

Now you need to apply for your visa after you have gotten your International passport..

If you intend getting an American Visa please visit

Please note,the new location for VFS U.S.Visa Application Centre,Lagos from 6th April,2010 is as below:
U.S. Visa Application Centre
Block 94, Plot 23, Providence Street,
Lekki-Epe expressway,
Lekki scheme 1, Lagos.
New Helpline Number: 01- 951 5183

For UK please visit

For France Please visit and

For Ireland DUBLIN please visit
Ireland Visa Application Centre Lagos
1st Floor, 16, Billingsway,
Oregun Industrial Area, Ikeja.

Ireland Visa Application Centre Abuja
No.38, Lobito Crescent,
Wuse II. Abuja.

For Belguim Please Visit
Block 94, Plot 23, Providence Street,
Lekki-Epe expressway,
Lekki scheme 1, Lagos.
VF Global Services Nigeria Ltd.
38, Lobito Crescent,Wuse II,Abuja, Nigeria

For Italy Please visit

Block 94, Plot 23, Providence Street,
Lekki-Epe expressway,
Lekki scheme 1, Lagos.

I hope this peace of information has been helpful.