Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This happens to be the most vital part of Travel Globally as I look into VISA, the only permit to enter a Country.

What you must know about Visa. This is one of the most important part of traveling outside the shores of the Country.

A visa is a stamp or form placed in your passport when you enter, and sometimes when you leave, a foreign country. A form of permission for a non-citizen to travel to, enter, transit or remain in a particular country. Always remember not to exceed the validity of your visa as this will create big time problem for you in the future.

YOU MUST REMEMBER: A visa does not guarantee entry. That remains the right of the immigration officials of the country concerned.

This appears unbelievable but you must have that at the back of your mind, as it is very TRUE.

-Some countries may ask visitors to present return tickets and evidence of means to cover intended stay.

-Some countries refuse entry to visitors who do not comply with their requirements regarding general appearance and clothing.

-Some countries have compulsory currency exchange regulations on first entry.

Some Embassies are specific about the ink of the biro you will use in filling the Application forms, some insist that it must be a coloured photograph white background, please adhere to these instructions.

Be Confident, bold, calm and composed. Attend your interview and leave the result to God. Don't be desperate, just be optimistic of a positive result.

-Some Visas are issued at the point of entry into the Country and in such cases you must hold a return ticket.

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