Saturday, March 20, 2010



This is aimed at rendering to you a service that is absolutely free.

This kind of offer is hard to come by, why not make use of this opportunity to get as much information as you may require.

This offer will run from now till 05Apr, 2010. This is an Easter offer just for you.

The Following areas will be covered:

- Local and International ticket information request
- Information of Hotel Reservations overseas
- Visa forms and other information as may be required
- Information on Packaging of Summer tours for Students during the summer
- Information on Packaging of Family tours for Families/Couples/Companies
- Free help while you are trying to get an e-ticket online, when you get stuck

Free Phone support from 7pm-11pm(Mon-Fri) 3pm-9pm(Sat/Sun/Public Holidays)

Hotline 07025787784

In the course of this offer I will be giving out a free e-book on how to book your local tickets online on Aero and Arik Air. This will cover all the guidelines you need to follow and make not mistake or loose your money online.

Will be expecting your call from today.

Have a pleasant weekend ahead.


Samuel Da-am
Travel Consultant/

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