Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How To Book Your British Airways Ticket For Less Than N100K Pay With Your Nigerian ATM Card

Dear Traveler,
I am sure you may be surprised that this is possible. You really do not need to run to the bank to make payment for your British Airways ticket.
Are you a private traveler?
Did you purchase your N68,000 return ticket on British Airways recently? Well sorry its all over, it ended on 11 October, 2010.
You can still get your RETURN ticket for less than N100,000.
Be on the look out for another offer as the Christmas approaches.
I hope you would not have to miss the next offer.
Do you handle your Company Travel?
A Confidential secretary?
A Personal Assistant of a very busy CEO?
Would you like you like to cut your travel cost?
Are you a student who wants to take advantage of very cheap offers?
Are you a protocol officer of a Company, School, Church, Mosque any organization?
Are you wondering how this is done?
You can take advantage of the PROMOs as they are rolled out, whenever it is commenced it becomes accessible to the World.
You can always have your cheapest ticket booked and paid for online, using your regular Verve ATM or Naira MasterCard card and you can also print it out.
The best part is you can also choose your seat within 24hrs within your departure time.
Freedom from delay at the queues at the Airport, join the FAST BAG DROP desk at the check in counter and save your time.
I have carefully compiled an E-manual with pictures and STEP-BY-STEP easy to follow directions, even a child can understand.
This is not just like any other e-manual that is difficult to understand as you have the illustrations of each webpage as you move from one step to the other.
Would you like to have a copy you could always refer to? Or get one for your planned Travel department?
You will carefully follow the e-manual and within a short time you will become a GURU in getting PROMO fares on BA.

This e-manual I simply called Ultimate Travel Kit.

You will be taken from how to..
  • log on to the website
  • Get your flight book with ease
  •  Confirming your seat
  • Entering your details
  •  Making online payment
  • Check in online
  •   Precautions to be taking when paying online
How much will this e-manual cost?
I will sell out only 50 copies after this number the price will change.

Ultimate Travel Kit will cost you N1,750

Your Bonus:
You will be given a free STEP-BY-STEP manual on How to get your US visa from the comfort of your bedroom.
You have 16Hours support
 How do you pay for this product?
Simply walk into ANY GT Bank branch Nationwide

To get your own copy as fast as possible,

Pay N1750 into any GTBank Branch in Nigeria

Account Name: Samuel Da-am
Account Name: 250 225408 1590

After the payment, the following to me at

1. Teller Number

2. Phone Number

3. Amount Paid

4. Name
That is it.

I am selling this manual at this cost for the first I get 50 people before 31st October, the offer
will close that day. And the price will change.

Your manual is sent Ultimate Travel Kit is sent to you as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Please use a valid email

By Samuel Da-am

Also E-manuals available are Ultimate Travel kit for Aero and Arik Air flights each at N1,750 each.

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